Massage admin February 1, 2024

Traditional Thai Massage

The legendary traditional Thai Massage, in its palatial style and with emphasis on acupressure, working each individual point of the energy map of the body. This draws creatively on the “sen lines” dry massage, without oils, of medium to intense pressure.

  • 60mins $85
  • 90mins $125
  • 120mins $159

Thai with Oil Massage

Thai massage combines with oils. It connects techniques of acupressure and ayurvedic philosophy of massage. Strengthen immunological and nervous system and accelerate excess water elimination by stimulation of transpire, relieve muscle pain, reduce tension, removes toxins, boost up skin pert and brings very deep relaxation.

  • 60mins $89
  • 90mins $129
  • 120mins $169

Aroma Therapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils in holistic treatments to improve health and emotional well-being and restore balance and relaxation in the recipient. Massage should be gentle-firm, the essential oils is applied in long sweeping strokes which warm the skin and muscles prepare the body for firming massage.

  • 60mins $89
  • 90mins $129
  • 120mins $169

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance. Relieve pain on the muscles and tendon and also good for chronic pain or restricted range of motion, concentrates on specific problem area, using powerful strokes with oils, giving the best muscle and joint relaxation.

  • 60mins $89
  • 90mins $129
  • 120mins $169

Head Neck Shoulder and Back

Massage of medium-intense pressure, applied to the back-neck shoulder and followed by a head massage.

  • 30mins $59
  • 45mins $79
  • 60mins $95
  • 90mins $139
  • 120mins $169

Hot Stone Massage

 Hot Stone massage integrates the use of therapeutic aromatherapy oils and the calming smooth surfaces of heated volcanic stones to apply varying pressure on the entire body.  This powerful combination promotes a far more effective massage and relieves muscle pain, tension, and improves muscle relaxation.

  • 60mins $109
  • 90mins $149
  • 120mins $169

Foot Massage

Massage is to stimulate the nerve endings throughout the body to maintain balance of the body, helping the systems and organs in our body to function normally, which we can massage the feet for health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases, relief soles of the feet.

  • 60mins $79
  • 90mins $119
  • 120mins $149