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Thai Massage Auckland City
Welcome to Leelawadee Thai Massage CBD Auckland

Therapeutic treatments aim to revitalize the body and mind.


Massage therapies promote physical and emotional well-being.


Experience a sense of peace and tranquility during spa sessions.


Spa treatments contribute to overall health and wellness.

Traditional Thai Massage STARTING FROM 60mins $85
Traditional Thai Massage
The legendary traditional Thai Massage, in its palatial style and with emphasis on acupressure, working each individual point of the energy map of the body. This draws creatively on the "sen lines" dry massage, without oils, of medium to intense pressure.
Head Neck Shoulder and Back STARTING FROM 30mins $59
Head Neck Shoulder and Back
Massage of medium-intense pressure, applied to the back-neck shoulder and followed by a head massage.
Foot Massage STARTING FROM 60mins $79
Foot Massage
Massage is to stimulate the nerve endings throughout the body to maintain balance of the body, helping the systems and organs in our body to function normally, which we can massage the feet for health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases, relief soles of the feet.

I am a qualified spa therapist from Rangsit University and Watpo Thai traditional massage school in Bangkok, Thailand with 7 years experience in Traditional Thai Massage.
The massages are personalized to you in need of total relaxation.
Find out about Traditional Thai Massage and make an appointment to experience today.

Please note: Leelawadee Traditional Thai Massage provides a non – sexual service.

Signature Thai Massage Packages:

Close-up of man getting back massage with detox herbal balls at health spa.
Spirit Of Siam (Thai Massage)
Foot Essentials 30mins + Traditional Thai Massage 60mins
Masseur doing massage on Asian woman body in the spa salon
Leelawadee​ Signature​ Massage​ (Thai​ Massage)

Hot​ stone​ Massage​ 30​ min​ + Aroma​ Massage​ 60​ min​ $149

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